Filling a Void                                           

Sports Mentorship Academy was establish in 2009 as an non-profit organization to response to the growing number of un-tapped potential male students that was falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. A major contributing factor is the lack of afterschool opportunities for middle and high school youth to participate. Research indicates that Black Males are often not permitted to participate in afterschool activities due to academic deficiencies and disruptive behavior (O’Brien & Rollefson, 1195). As a response to these difficult circumstances, it is the focus of the Academy to provide untapped-potential male students with a positive environment in which they can learn skills that will assist in their future development and success. At the middle school level, to help assist with their future development, we partner with local colleges and recruited collegiate athletes to lead comprehensive activities for the success of our participants. The following activities are: Sports Activities, Study hall, Service Learning, Sports Tour, and Social Issues.

These events provide leadership opportunities outside of sports and raising each participant’s self-esteem. Leading them to feel a sense of accomplishment and competence, and gain a new awareness of the world around them. They also learn decision-making skills, and practice personal discipline. Not only do these activities help our students gain greater proficiency in these areas, but time spent with collegiate athletes offers another opportunity for us to provide positive role models for our students.

At the high level, Sports Mentorship Academy improves kid’s lives by nurturing their minds, bodies, and spirits through our life skills program that incorporates sports with other significant activities for the success of our participants.

Our coaches are adept at creating a positive learning environment and reinforcing life skills that are transferrable from the competitive field to the classroom and beyond.